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Wildwood Mayor's Effort to Protect Residents Data Gets a Boost in the State Capitol

Earlier this month Wildwood Mayor Jim Bowlin sent a request to legislators in Missouri's State Capitol asking that measures be taken to protect residents private information.

Many citizens do not know that email addresses and even the content of communication of residents with their local governments are considered public information under Missouri Sunshine Law.

In a February 26th statement, Wildwood Mayor, Jim Bowlin announced that his effort to give more protection to residents has gained some traction in the Missouri Legislature.

According to the statement, "two weeks after Wildwood Mayor Jim Bowlin launched an effort to change Missouri law to protect Wildwood resident's private contact information, Missouri House Bill 2603 has been introduced. The Bill will change current law that requires municipalities to disclose personal information of its citizens who subscribe to receive emailed community news and information."

As previously reported in West News Magazine, the issue has been a matter of some debate by the Wildwood City Council.

The matter appears to have fallen along a political fault line with those supporting Councilman Niles Stephen's in his opposition of attempts to make data more private attempting to slow down or prevent reform at the city level.