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Wildwood Councilman and Mayoral Candidate Stephens Admits to Deleting Opposing Viewpoints on His Sit

Elections are about the debate of ideas. It is sometimes uncomfortable, and it may be hard and a candidate or their supporter may be feel ganged up on by those who disagree with their platform.

It appears that that candidate Stephen's has felt enough of that heat and has said that he will delete comments from his site.

On March second, after numerous posts challenging Stephen's position on various issues, the candidate stated that he would delete such posts disagreeing with his ideas about city governance. He reasoned that such disagreements were "used to campaign for other people".

Democracy is difficult. But as a candidate, deleting posts on your official site because they disagree with your platform signals that you may not have thick enough skin to serve a community or the skills necessary to lead it.

Stephen's apparent thin-skin and unwillingness to openly debate ideas, as well as his numerous naive proposals, including spending Wildwood tax dollars in high-crime communities "like North City" demonstrate that he is not ready to take on the duties of the Mayor of Wildwood.