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Candidate Niles Stephens Refuses to Denounce Ethnic Slur, "listen to Goombah Joe..."

Wildwood Mayoral candidate Niles Stephens has declined to denounce an ethnic slur directed at a Wildwood councilman made by a vocal advocate and campaigner for Stephens' election bid.

Bill Kennedy, a former councilman and a vocal supporter of the Stephen's campaign posted as part of a diatribe to the Dillard for Wildwood Facebook page, "And listen to Goombah Joe, the 'Bowlin Made Man' from Brooklyn, because he alone has all the answers."

Excerpt From Kennedy's 5/21 Post on Dillard for Wildwood FB Page

Joe Garritano, is a Ward 8 councilman of Italian-American heritage originally from Brooklyn, New York. Garritano won re-election to his seat with an 90 to 10 margin in 2019, and is known for his effective hands-on approach to tackling city problems.

Ward 8 Councilman Joe Garritano

Stephens, who is running against Mayor Bowlin for the City's top post has refused to renounce, denounce or otherwise reject the comment by Kennedy. At the time of this post Stephens has declined comment to WWM regarding the slur.

Leading up to Thursday's controversial incident, Stephens has also been unwilling to renounce the many anonymous websites that traffic in innuendo and rumor that support his campaign.

WWM readers may remember that Joe Garritano is from the same Brooklyn neighborhood as Lou Ferrigno, the actor who played the Hulk in the 1970s TV series, The Incredible Hulk. They both had the same 5th grade teacher, Mrs Foppiano at St. Athanasius Grammer School in the Bersonhurst neighborhood.

Garritano talks with Lou Ferrigno about the old neighborhood and their 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Foppiano.

Ironically, the day before Kennedy's attack, Garritano posted the following statement to his Facebook page talking about the importance of building community and welcoming all residents as equal members of the community.