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Former Councilman LeMay Calls For End to Revenge Politics on June 2nd

On June 2, the City of Wildwood will elect its Mayor for the next four years. I believe Mayor Bowlin deserves your support for another term.

I base this conclusion on the accomplishments of Mayor Bowlin during his first term and some significant missteps by his challenger, Mr. Stephens.

One of Stephens’ serious mistakes was his handling of the City email list. His email to me and 1600+ others on February 28, 2019 was sent on the CITY SERVER and concluded with PAID FOR BY NILES STEPHENS. The use of the City email list was never intended to serve as a platform for an elected official and should not be used to spam residents. This one example demonstrates the lack of professionalism by Mr. Stephens.

There have been many impressive accomplishments during Mayor Bowlin’s first term. The City has seen accelerated infrastructure improvements that will benefit our residents, our visitors and our local business community. The improvements on Manchester Road and Highway 109 allow all to navigate our corridors safely while driving, biking or walking. The City has purchased the land for a new Village Green which will host our concerts and a site design plan is now in place. The City now has a Erosion Task Force Committee which was formed to find viable solutions to mitigate some problem areas such as Caulk’s Creek. Significant progress has been made to improve internet services in both the unserved and underserved areas of Wildwood. These improvements were accomplished without any additional cost to the City. The City is fortunate to have a healthy reserve which will serve us well as our community navigates through these challenging times.

Moreover, Mayor Bowlin’s campaign has been consistent from day one. He has focused his time on emphasizing his accomplishments and laying out a vision for the next four years. His vision is focused on finding solutions that will better serve our residents. These include finding a long-term solution for Lake Chesterfield, improving internet service to the unserved and under-served areas of our City and tackling our erosion problems.

Despite many untrue personal attacks often perpetrated on anonymous Facebook sites, Mayor Bowlin has refused to stoop to negative campaigning. I believe our residents appreciate Mayor Bowlin’s hard work and positive leadership.

We should remember that the residents of Wildwood sent a resounding message to all on April 2, 2019. Four candidates with campaigns based on false/misleading claims on development, spending and personal attacks were soundly defeated at the polls. A review of the election results for Wards 2, 3, 4 and 8 follow: Ward 2-69% for Edens, 30% for Salvatore; Ward 3-77% for Remy, 22% for Shea; Ward 4-58% for Dodwell, 41% for Vedvig and Ward 8-89% for Garritano, 11% for Young.

In that election, residents demanded that our elected officials stop the unnecessary drama, unfounded rumors and revenge politics. They demanded that our representatives work together and treat each other with respect.

Now during the 2020 Wildwood mayoral race, the same politicos who supported and endorsed the defeated candidates of 2019 are now working for Mayor Bowlin’s opponent. We have a clear choice next Tuesday-Join me in voting to re-elect Mayor Jim Bowlin and closing the door on petty, revenge politics in Wildwood!

Harry LeMay is a former Ward 3 Council Member and resident of Tall Oaks for 29 years.