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Mayor Bowlin Won Every Ward in June 2nd Blow Out!

The St. Louis County Board of Elections has released ward specific data for the June 2nd municipal election.

It shows Mayor Jim Bowlin winning every ward by wide margins.

The numbers show that his opponent Councilman Niles Stephens failed to win his own ward (ward 8), with the Stephens garnering only 28 percent of those he represented for the last several years.

Stephens will be leaving the City Council at the end of this month, when the new council is sworn in. He will be replaced by incoming councilman Mike Gillani.

Here are the numbers:

Ward 1: Bowlin 58% Stephens 42%

Ward 2: Bowlin 69%. Stephens 31%

Ward 3: Bowlin 66%. Stephens 34%

Ward 4: Bowlin 66%. Stephens 34%

Ward 5: Bowlin 65%. Stephens 35%

Ward 6: Bowlin 53%. Stephens 47%

Ward 7: Bowlin 61%. Stephens 39%

Ward 8: Bowlin 72%. Stephens 28%

"It's clear that dishonest politics is over in Wildwood," Said Joe Garritano who is also a Ward 8 Councilman. Garritano won his re-election by almost 90 percent of the vote last year.

One of the Stephen's campaign missteps included a racial slur hurled at the popular Garritano.

The controversial comments by Stephen's supporter Bill Kennedy was criticized by Ciao St. Louis, an Italian American group based on The Hill.