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Wildwood Councilmember McCune Resigns Under Protest from Home Owners Association

Home Owners Associations abound in Wildwood. They are often the first stop for those who may be seeking to serve on a Wildwood Committee or the Wildwood City Council.

So it is with Wildwood Councilmember Crystal McCune. Prior to running unopposed for a Ward Seven Council seat, McCune served as Chair of the Lake Chesterfield Homeowners Association, a position that according to minutes posted on the association's website, she resigned on June 21st, 2020.

According to minutes of the association's meetings, McCune appears to have presented of a confidentiality agreement to the board around the time of her resignation.

Link to PDF of June 18th minutes.

Link to PDF of July 14th minutes.

According to the June 18th, 2020 minutes, under "Board Announcements" there is the entry "Vote Regarding Board Execute Office - Remove Crystal as president". Later the document states that, "Crystal verbally resigned (as chair) under protest." According to the minutes her resignation was approved by vote of the association.

Then there is an entry stating, "Motion that Crystal be suspended as a board member until an attorney has time to review the Resignation, Settlement and Confidentiality Agreement she presented to the board."

That somewhat abstruse statement is then followed by the relatively straightforward one that "Crystal validates violating the Code of Ethics and imputes that the entire board of also being in violation of the Code of Ethics, by accepting free siding for the clubhouse (gratuities violation).

According to the July 14th minutes, McCune "submitted her formal resignation from the board effective immediately on June 21st, 2020."