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After Years of Testing Costing Thousands of Tax Payer Dollars Couple Gets Permit for Water Feature

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

After nearly four years and thousands of tax payer dollars, the Roberts family has finally received a permit for the operation of their water feature.

""It is finally over after three and a half years and a lot of a wasted money by the city for scientific studies," said Tom Roberts.

The waterfall, which has been opposed in large part by a neighbor, David Hudson, who made an unsuccessfully run for Wildwood City Council in 2019. Hudson reportedly claimed that the water feature among other things was possibly causing illness to his wife.

On November 16th, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously to issue a conditional use permit for the water feature.

At the November 23rd, City Council meeting there appeared to be another attempt to derail the Robert's operation of the private water feature. After having passed numerous test by the city for sound and the presence of possible pathogens, several council members, including Council Member Crystal McCune, expressed concerns that the feature may be causing erosion that should be addressed by the Erosion Task Force.

Tom Roberts bemusedly told Wildwood Matters, that it is a closed system, where water flows from a lake and is pumped back. "Actually, Joe Vujnich (Director of Planning and Parks) noted that the lake we put in is acting as a detention basin and reducing runoff in the area," said Roberts.

In the end no motion was made to send the private water feature to the Erosion Task Force and the issuance of the conditional use permit was received and filed by the city.

According to reliable sources, former Councilmember Tammy Shea, who was censured by the council in 2019 and subsequently lost her bid for re-election by garnering only 23 percent of the vote, had lobbied several members of the council to keep the water feature controversy alive by referring it to the Erosion Task Force.