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Bill Inspired by Wildwood Incident gets Hearing in MO House of Representatives

House Bill 362 seeks to protect email addresses from exploitation by businesses and politicians through abuse of Missouri Sunshine laws. The bill had a hearing on Tuesday, January 26 in the Emerging Issues Committee of the Missouri House of Representatives.

Its author Representative DeGroot (R-101), explained that the bill was filed in response to a request by his colleague and "really good friend", Ward 8 Wildwood City Councilman Joe Garritano. DeGroot went on to explain that a controversy several years prior involving email addresses given to the City of Wildwood by residents inspired the legislation. RELATED STORY


Councilman Joe Garritano, who is also Vice President of the Missouri Municipal League was asked to provides a written statement to the committee.

Representative DeGroot discussed the HB 362 on THE BLUE last December.