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Charter Hit with 39 Million Court Decision Benefiting 118 Municipalities-Exclusive WWM

In a final judgement filed January 27th with the St. Louis County Circuit Court, Charter was ordered to pay $39,048,386 to 118 local municipalities for the underpayment of business license taxes. The suit was filed in 2010 by the City of Winchester, with 117 other municipalities joining the suit as a class action. The judgement also included prejudgement interest and found that the company must include in its license tax certain revenue streams that Charter had been excluding.

When asked if Charter is likely to appeal, Pat Kelley, Executive Director of the Municipal League of Metro St. Louis told Wildwood Matters that, "if they challenge the judgement they have to post a bond and pay interest." Noting that the case was already drawn out for years, "at the end of the day, the outcome will be the same."

Included in the the judgement is $921,350 for the City of Wildwood, $1,017,041 for the City of Ballwin, $434,627 for the City of Ellisville and $446,072 for the City of Eureka.