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Crystal McCune Sits Out Upcoming Election as Anti-Mayor Obstructionism Seems to Come to a Close

Updated: Jan 27

Filing for the upcoming municipal elections closed at 5 pm on Tuesday, January 19th and Wildwood's anti-mayor coalition seems to be kaput.

Crystal McCune represented Ward 7 and was the last of a group of legislators who were vocal opponents of Mayor Bowlin that tended to vote as a block in knee-jerk opposition to any of his efforts.

Recent elections have not been kind to the group of members that formed the anti-mayor coalition. Over the last several election cycles they have suffered lopsided losses.

The first inflection point was the defeat of Tammy Shea by a 77 to 22 percent margin in 2019. Shea, was a Ward 3 Council Member and vocal critic of Mayor Bowlin. She was censured by the council shortly before her uneven defeat.

Niles Stephen's who was also aligned with the anti-mayor group left his Ward 8 council seat to run against Bowlin in the 2020 election. Stephens was handed a defeat in where he garnered only 36 percent of the vote.

Nathan Hopper is now slated to serve as the Ward 7 Council Member given that he will be running unopposed.


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Above image of Crystal McCune on City of Wildwood web page