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THE BLUE to Interview Dawn Chapman from HBO's Atomic Homefront

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Dawn Chapman is a co-founder of Just Moms STL, a grass roots group of "moms", who organized to cleanup her community of residual nuclear waste from the the first atomic bomb will be joining THE BLUE.

THE BLUE is a Wildwood based podcast hosted by Councilman Joe Garritano and Steve Taylor.

Anyone who has a question for Dawn Chapman may send it to so they may be asked during the interview which is pre-recorded.

"Many people know about Moms STL, and their fight for their neighborhood, but their fight for a cleanup is a struggle for the health of the region," said Steve Taylor. "If the fire were to hit the radioactive material at Westlake there is no magical barrier keeping airborne material reaching many communities in the region, and that includes Wildwood."

Dawn Chapman was featured in HBO's Atomic Homefront.

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