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Former Wildwood Councilman Niles Stephens Fined $1000 by MEC for Company Truck Imbroglio

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The Missouri Ethics Commission has fined former Councilman and failed Mayoral Candidate Niles Stephens for using a truck with his employers logo for campaign activity. According to the MEC, Niles Stephens used the truck to display a campaign sign and campaign bumper sticker without reporting it.

The violation occurred during his 2018 race for Wildwood City Council. The MEC has said that Stephens may pay $50 if he makes the settlement within 45 days and is not found guilty of any other campaign violation for two years.

Stephens told Wildwood Matters that "due to this ruling by the MEC every business should be worried about being labeled with 'unethical political behavior' ".

Stephens who ran for Wildwood Mayor in 2020 garnered 35 percent of the vote.

Stephen's was represented by attorney David Roland.

Stephens Ethics Decision
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