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Rockwood Website Tallies Covid Quarantine of Staff and Students

With concerns of COVID surrounding local schools, Director of Communications for Rockwood, David Morrison told Wildwood Matters that the best tool for monitoring health status at Rockwood Schools at its website.

In an email, Morrison said that, "you can find information on how many positive and quarantined students and staff we have on a weekly basis by visiting our Rockwood Health Indicators website."

Morrison said, "the dashboard is updated on Wednesday every week."

He also noted that.

  • The date listed on the chart for a positive case is based upon the date the individual was tested for the virus.

  • As the individual waits for the test results, he or she must remain in isolation until the results are received (positive or negative).

  • Because we ONLY report positive cases, there will be a lag time between the test date and the date the positive case is reported on the dashboard. This ensures accuracy in the positive case data.

  • Once the test result is confirmed as positive, and if the positive case was actually on campus during their infectious period, we notify the entire school via email.