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Will Baxter Road Keep its Parking?

According to Ballwin Councilman Kevin Roach, St. Louis County was poised to eliminate on street parking along Baxter Road.

On March 16th, the Ballwin Board of Alderman and Mayor were informed by staff that the county was expected to be bidding out a project this Summer to resurface portions of Baxter Road and that the portion of the project between Clayton and Manchester Road included changing/removing the on street parking and installing bike lanes.

Roach was concerned that the project included removing on street parking. That day Roach took action to inform residents along the section of road between Clayton and Manchester by leaving hand delivered letters to residents along that section of road.

"Residents ended up ccing me in emails to their St. Louis County Council Representative, Mark Harder," said Roach. "They were concerned about loosing on street parking."

On March 24, David Wrone, Public Information Manager for St. Louis County's Departments of Transportation and Public Works confirmed that a resurfacing project estimated to cost 3.5 million dollars is being planned and that the county is hoping to request bids this Summer.

Wrone stated in an email to Wildwood Matters that, "existing parking will NOT be affected by our Baxter Road improvement project."

When asked if he thought his outreach to residents may have given the county pause to changes on parking, Roach stated that, "This is not the first time St. Louis County retreated on plans to alter Baxter Road in a fashion against resident's wishes."

Wrone was clear to state that the plans are not yet finalized and that those interested my attend a virtual open house on April 7th, that will run from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

The link for the virtual event is